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Alright so my moms new plan to ensure that we get adequate sleep is to take away electronics at 10pm. I can understand why she thinks it’s the appropriate action, but it’s really just a nuisance. For one, my sleep schedule hasn’t been that bad lately and I’ve actually been going to bed earlier than everyone else. I know that it sucked last year and contributed to my shitstain of a time, but I don’t think it’s fair for her to take such an action without the obvious prior need to (proof that I haven’t been sleeping this year). Also the big kicker here is that I’ve used my phone as an alarm for at least three years and reliably wake up to the vibration. Furthermore, I have to do a ton of homework tonight and will need my computer. So in short, this doesn’t make any sense and it was a plan that she came up with months ago and wants to prove herself by carrying it out. And just so you know, I’ve only ever had things taken away from me when I was caught in the forbidden act, so this seems a little unnecessary.


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